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Original Hydrate Coconut Water

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Hydrate your body with water plus essential electrolytes and trace minerals to refuel and recharge so you can keep your body working at its best, no matter how busy your lifestyle is. You need electrolytes and minerals to support every part of you from your brain health to your blood pressure; your energy to your mood; your skin to your digestion, joints and bones too.

Whether you’re replenishing after a workout, staying topped up at the office, or rehydrating after one too many the night before, eco-friendly Laird Superfood Original Hydrate Coconut Water is your savior. Not only does it nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive, but it also tastes deliciously refreshing, and is super healthy too. Enjoy the lightly sweet taste with a slight hint of salt to hydrate every adventure, from workouts to hikes, holidays and hangovers.

Original Hydrate Coconut Water
Original Hydrate Coconut Water Prix de vente£16.99 GBP

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