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Chai Latte With Turkey Tail & Reishi

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Put your feet up and unwind with a cozy, comforting cup of Four Sigmatic Chill Chai Latte Mix With Reishi. This relaxing, caffeine-free blend is all kinds of dreamy, and it might make you want to drift off to dreamland too, so ideal to add to your wind-down evening routine! This is a spicy-sweet, soothing, plant-based latte to help you switch off whatever time of day it is. Its star ingredients – organic Reishi and Turkey Tail mushroom – might bemuse if you haven’t heard of them before, but they’re incredible functional mushrooms (that taste nothing like the culinary mushrooms you might be used to) that help to reduce stress, support immunity, encourage good gut health and enhance general wellbeing.

Chai Latte With Turkey Tail & Reishi
Chai Latte With Turkey Tail & Reishi Precio de oferta£16.66 GBP

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